TrafficMonsoon is probably the best PTC site for 2015. It became so popular that you’ll find it in every PTC forum. Users are constantly searching referrals for trafficmonsoon. The main thing why this site is the best and most searched is that you have 100% from your referrals earnings (so, if your referral earns $0.1, you also earn the same $0.1 amount). The other thing is that it gives high amount on money daily, up to $0.1 (it varies every day). Another thing that you can do there is advertising your site from the credits earned surfing.

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 Is this site scam?

When this site started it was absolutely unbelievable  and it obviously looked like a scam. I just said who knows? Even if it gave huge $0.1 daily I still wanted  to test it. Then after 15 days (i had some referrals) I tried withdrawing and WOW, it gave me instant payment to my Payza balance. So from this moment, I started searching for referrals actively and so far made few withdrawals, down below are some proofs. Trafficmonsoon keeps itself legit by reducing the money that it gave to users before. So that’s actually not a bad sign because you can get your money and have 100% referral’s earnings back for you!

TrafficMonsoon payment proof

TrafficMonsoon payment proof payza


How to start earning with TrafficMonsoon (The Principle)?

When you first register, you will have some ads added and ready for clicking. After you click all of them the next step is surfing. Surfing enables getting more ads for the next day (tomorrow). The most important step about TrafficMonsoon is finding referrals (which is a bit hard because all people are constantly doing it).


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 How do I use my unassigned credits?

You can use your unassigned credits by going to “My Websites” in the left side of the site. After going  there, you should find a button saying “New Site“, click on it.

TrafficMonsoom PTC site


Then, enter the site that you want to advertise there and then hit on the “Update” button.

trafficmonsoon advertise site


After adding your site it won’t be active immediately because the owners of TrafficMonsoon need to check if it fits with their ToS but you still can add credits for later use.

Trafficmonsoon assign credits.

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