About Me

When I got in the PTC business i was like lost in the wild. I had a lot of questions about it, there weren’t many quality blogs about getting referrals, working with PTC boosting my money. A lot of sites were made just for getting referrals, nothing useful there. They just introduce you the site and put their referral link there. I hate that kind of sites and that’s the only reason why I made this site  (and blog).

As you know PTC isn’t only about clicking. That’s the worst thing you can EVER do, and actually what was I doing when I started. I earned only 0.04 daily (from better commission site), or from some just $0.02 and that equals to $0.6 monthly or $7.3 per year! That’s awful! Then I started doing the best thing I did. I call it referral marketing, this thing was not easy, it took time but you know it’s me who gets the reward for my time spent.

I put all my efforts into writing this blog to help you, to stop you stalking and searching for a way to make great income, I’m not talking for $1000 monthly, I am talking about nice money for living (not much but not small amount either).

And, you may also asked yourself, why this site’s name is alphapack money maker. Before, when I started with PTC I had other online pseudonym – polatalemdar1201, not a long time ago when I got the idea of starting this site I decided to have another pseudonym and that is, obviously alphapack. The mystery is now solved!

So, this was summary of my work and about me, how I started and what mistakes I made, I wish you nice day and great earnings with PTC!